Saturday, June 25, 2011


115. Ax-Horse of Painlessness

He has an ax head and a very big, strong horse body. He was abused by warlocks at the racetrack and lost all his sensitivity to pain. His endurance is infinite.


159. Atlas’ Hand

As Atlas was at last being crushed by the world, his tree-sized hand and forearm narrowly escaped. A surgeon was able to restore his sight by installing an eyeball into his palm. When he stands completely still he is invisible, but you can still see his shadow.


68. The General Bear

He used to be the General of a great bear army, but they were all slaughtered under his command. This is his burden to bear. Now he wanders the forest still in his uniform, executing strange maneuvers with his short sword.


I'm drawing Omniana characters. Up first: Number 101, Wallace the Bulldozer

Wallace is very likable and convincing. He knows bulldozers all over the world. He is very slow but has a rocket launcher.

“What a charming fellow, simply charming. I’d believe about anything that machine said.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Things Rock n' Roll Will Never Do

Turn it down
Turn it off
Let me get some damn sleep
Remember to put out the recycling
Stop rockin
Stop rollin
Just stop it already
Maybe consider throwing an oboe in there
Stop shocking parents
Get married
Settle down
Pay child support
Even acknowledge that the baby looks like Rock N’ Roll
Pay a larger portion of the rent because it has the bigger room—which is filthy, by the way
Use an ampersand
Explain what a “backbeat rhythm” is
Take off its sunglasses while you lecture it on proper conduct

Columbo: Falk the Police