Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Ministry of Secret Jokes 6/24/09

The June Ministry was good. Good crowd, good sets from all the comics. I was really excited about my new suit too. Some people liked it, and some people were just jealous.

John Kensil won Hack!, the game where three contestants are given the setup of a hacky joke, and then have to write their own punchline in 60 seconds. My favorite punchline of the game was Luke's answer to the first joke. The setup was "Two old people went into a closet to have sex. They started to take their clothes off when the woman realized she should warn the man about her heart condition. 'I should warn you,' she said, 'I have acute angina.'"

That was the setup. The contestants then had 60 seconds to write the punchline. Luke's punchline was: "That's alright, I'm a ghost. You're a ghost too. We're both ghosts. We've been dead since the beginning of the movie."

Ten time Omniana champion Brendan Kennedy finally lost the belt to Benny Michaels. It was a good battle. Benny pretty much ignored most of Brendan's arguments, and just maintained a sort of positive confidence. There was a lengthy portion of the battle that involved Benny farting on Brendan, although I can't remember why. Benny's character had a quote, "It's my birthday," which bore no relation to anything else on the card, so that was kind of weird. Benny's closing argument was simply "Who's birthday is it?" as he held his card aloft. Everyone cheered, and then he won.

There was a folk act on right after the show. They were driving across the country playing different gigs. They told me they almost didn't do the show after looking at our website, because they thought the website looked scary.

That's it. Shazam.

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