Friday, October 19, 2012


I had a lot of fun reading some of my short fiction at the Greenlight Bookstore last night in Brooklyn. What a bookstore! It took every ounce of will I have to resist buying all the books—except the kids books cuz I ain't no kid.
Afterwards we went to a very nice German bar with REAL GERMANS working behind the bar. You could tell they were real because they had no strings or visible ball and socket joints. Also I lifted up one guy's shirt, and he had a belly button, so they weren't clones either. These were REAL LIVE Germans which is the area most German bars skimp on. You think I don't know the different between a German and a Dutch accent? Think again, bottom-shelf bullshit German bars.
Steve Gerben visited too and that's always a pleasure. He was drinking vodka from a coffee cup which is how Steve rolls—like a boss. He was wearing a beautiful shirt: nice checker pattern in complex earthy tones. I was looking forward to playing a game of chess with him but we didn't get a chance.
Afterwards Anna Goldfarb gave me a ride home and paid $2 for a plastic bag with 5 apple slices in it.

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