Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bill Clinton Fan Fiction

That's right, this exists: Presidential fan fiction where Bill Clinton solves murders, written by Harry Disco [a pseudonym? perhaps]. My favorite title is The Dead Meddlesome Mother, although The Dead Bookmaker on the Golf Course is good too. I like to imagine that title originally started as just the Bookmaker, before "Harry" had this discussion with his editor.

Editor: Mr. President--
Harry: Please don't use my real name. This line might not be secure.
Editor: Oh sorry, I mean, Harry, your new book looks great! However, let's discuss the title.
Harry: Okay, but make it quick, Hillary is calling me for dinner.
Editor: The titular Bookmaker, is he dead?
Harry: Yes.
Editor: Good. Mystery: People like that stuff. Where did he die?
Harry: On the golf course.
Editor: Well, throw that in the title too. It'll draw in golf fans.

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