Friday, April 13, 2012

Austin, Texas

I've been in Austin Texas for a couple days now. I'm performing at Cap City, opening for Anthony Jeselnik, who is very funny. I'm crashing with my friend Nolan Gilbride, who's visiting from Omaha. We're staying at his friends' house, and they have a pool but you can't swim in it because it's green. Last night there was a cockroach inside the couch where I was sleeping, and Nolan let me sleep on the air matress instead, because THAT'S THE KIND OF GUY HE IS. If we were in 'Nam together, I'm sure he'd let me sleep on the air matress as well, or jump on an air matress to save my life, or whatever.

We went to the Alamo Draft House today, and that place is sweet. They show a lot of old movies, and they have excellent taste. We saw The Cabin in the Woods; it was my second viewing, and that film gets better every time you see it. It's flawless; the rare film that's carefully constructed with complex layers that still seem loose and freewheeling when you view it casually.

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