Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ghost Story

Ghost stories don't scare you anymore once you grow up. But that's just because they don't change to reflect your adult fears.

This young girl was at her parent's house all alone. And this guy kept calling and saying he was going to kill her. So the cops traced the call and they told her, "The call is coming from upstairs! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!"

But she didn't get out of the house. She lived there for the next fifteen years, long after most of her friends had already bought their own homes and started families. The creepy murderer still called every now and then and he'd say things like, "Aren't you a little old to still be living at home?"

Then one dark, stormy night, as lightning tore the sky and thundered in the dark hills she got invited to her best friend's wedding—but she couldn't find a date so she had to ask the telephone creeper to go with her. And when he showed up he had a ponytail—but not a cool ponytail. After they met in person he stopped calling her, and then SHE started making creepy phone calls to HIM, until one night she called and a woman answered. She sounded pretty.

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