Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Romance Novel Ideas

Two twins fall in love with each other while sharing the same womb.

Two young internet marketing consultants flirt with each other through promotional tweets and viral YouTube campaigns.

Hardcore Eskimo Erotica. Self-explanatory.

Gay romance on a Civil War battlefield between two men fighting on opposing sides. Twist: They're Civil War reenactors.

A birthday party clown falls in love with a hypnotist.

On a Russian submarine d
uring a 6-month tour of the Atlantic, a handsome young private discovers he’s the only straight man onboard.

Two alcoholics keep trying to have sex but are too sloshed to complete the act or remember why they like each other. Basically a Bukowski novel, but with a more attractive protagonist who takes his shirt off a lot oh and also he’s a cowboy why not.

An usher at the Holocaust museum is in love with a co-worker, but finds it difficult to flirt with her while on the job.

Long haul trucker romance. All of the dialogue takes place over the CB radio.

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