Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Steve Ditko Poetry #2

I am the Living Ghost.

I wander dark hallways at night
People cringe beneath their covers 

Until they hear me
Then they rush out and say
"Haunt my home no more, spectre! I'm going to call the cops!"
I rattle my chains
And they say
"Seriously, put down
my good chains.
How did you get in here?"
The bathroom window was unlocked.
"You're trespassing."
I am a messenger of the darkne—
"You're trespassing and I will call the cops in exactly five seconds."
I am the Living Ghost.
"You can't be a ghost unless you're dead. Which you will be, in exactly 

five seconds
unless you get the heck out
and take off my wife’s nice bedsheet too
you lunatic."
I am the Living Ghost
my soul can find no rest.

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