Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Out of Town

Hello gaping maw of infinity that is the internet! For the next week or so I will not be throwing as many things down you, unlucky pennies in a bottomless well. Tomorrow morning I fly to Portland to perform the comedies with Kevin Pollak. Then I'm going to Smuggler's Notch to snowboard for a week. THAT'S RIGHT, I SNOWBOARD, so you can take your preconceived notions about my fragile nature and put them in a low draw full of bottle caps, pennies, and faded ticket stubs.


  1. Name Dropper!!!!

    Have a great time, man!

  2. Thanks! It will be hard to have a good time, because I'm sharing a hotel room with Bobby [DeNiro] and Tom [Nicholson], but I'll try!