Thursday, October 27, 2011

AIGA Metro North

I had a lot of fun speaking to the AIGA Metro North last night in Sleepy Hollow, NY [see spooky mansion, above]. They had a costume party where everyone dressed up as dead brands: Circuit City, Doublemint gum, Gateway, Wachovia, etc. This one dude dressed up as Jack LaLanne, and the costume was SPOT ON. He walked around lifting heavy things and doing pushups. Apparently he also designed the Jose Cuervo bottle [the guy, not Jack LaLanne]. Thanks to Paula from Flood Creative for inviting me. She invented NOS, which blows my mind. I didn't realize that was a job, inventing energy drinks. The polaroid above was taken by Scott Lerman, who used this big, badass old polaroid camera, the kind the size of a small bank safe, with a blinding flash bulb mounted on the side.

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