Saturday, October 8, 2011

Batman v Superman

“Superman is the American Dream. Batman is the American Truth.”
— Bryan Edward Hill

Do you know where I saw that quote? I saw it on This Isn't Happiness. I feel bad, I reblog sooo much stuff from This Isn't Happiness, but I can't help myself! It is so awesome, I'm powerless not to share it.

Hey, I'm here right now, I feel like I should use this blog for what it's supposed to be used for, which is BLOGGING, dammit. I do so much reposting, and image posting, and very little personal blogging on here. So here we go, I'm going to BLOG some very personal bloggy type sheet. Right here. Right now.

I went to my friend Rob's wedding tonight. And as I was walking home, my friends and I passed an old recliner on the street. They started monkeying with it, and I warned them--like a scabby prophet of doom I shook my finger at them and said, "Leave that chair alone, it's probably covered in bedbugs!"

They said, "Hey, there's an unopened bottle of limoncello on this chair!"

I said, "Is it Danny Devito's Limoncello?"

"Yes, actually it is."

So, I got some free limoncello. Drinking it now. But my dog had to sit at home and wait for his evening walk, which was a big bummer to him, and he doesn't care about sweet lemon dessert drinks. The end.

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