Thursday, July 21, 2011

Million Dollar Movie Idea #1

Christmas Eve, 2010: Barack Obama is alone in the Oval Office—his wife and kids are visiting family while he’s stuck working late. The White House is empty, operating on a skeleton crew.

Obama starts to receive taunting phone calls from someone who claims to be Osama bin Laden. The calls keep escalating in their frequency and scariness until finally the call is traced: It’s coming from inside the White House!

This is the shocking TRUE story of how Barack Obama brought Osama Bin Laden to justice. Or shot him in the head or whatever.

If you decide to use this idea, please let me know and also mail me a check. Also please consider me for the role of the "portent of doom," in this case the janitor who makes an eerily prescient warning to Obama before he locks up for the night.

You gonna be okay here by yourself?

Sure thing. I'll be here to say hi to Santa when he shows up.

[closing door slowly] Just check to make sure that's Santa . . . comin' down . . . the chimney.

See! This film practically writes itself. Also: Aziz Ansari as Osama. Or Obama. Or Bill Clinton [he has a cameo].

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