Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Perils of Self-Googling

I found this online a while ago, back when I was on AGT. It's hilarious for so many reasons. First of all I'm pretty sure Smiley Face is using Yahoo Answers wrong. "Is red a pretty color? I don't like cheese. Am I weird?" This isn't Yahoo Opinions.

Secondly, I love her tacit admittance that "everyone and the judges like this guy." Trapped in a world she didn't create, she wanders the wasteland of pop culture, wondering aloud why everyone likes pizza so much. "Am I the only person who hates hugs? Is there something wrong with me, some part of my brain missing that makes it impossible for me to experience joy? AM I A ROBOT?" She's like Rick Deckard in Blade Runner; if I knew her address I'd leave a paper maché unicorn on her stoop.

The post gets better as you go down. Under Additional Details she acknowledges, "He's funny if you get his jokes." Fair enough.

I also like that she gives Daniel B's answer 4 stars and the title of Best Answer. Well, yes. It's what you already said. When she says, "Thanks for agreeing with me unlike some people . . ." I imagine her casting an evil, sideways glance at her boyfriend, who is sitting on the couch wearing a Doogie Horner Fanclub t-shirt.

Making people laugh is great, but making them question their sanity is cool too. I'll take it!

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