Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Andrew Dice Clay on WTF

Marc Maron recently talked to Andrew Dice Clay on WTF, and it's a great interview. I like some of the Dice man's jokes, others not so much. His album the Day the Laughter Died is a brilliant concept: it was recorded in a small club, the show wasn't advertised, and it was booked in the middle of the week during the holidays. Dice was trying to attract a small, crappy audience he knew would hate him, and then he hate fucked them with jokes for ninety minutes. It's a masterpiece, especially the second to last track.

In the Marc Maron interview, check out Dice's "shredder bit," 29 minutes in. It's great to hear him doing observational comedy about shopping at Staples, but delivering the joke like he's talking about bangin some broad. "They got this fuckin sale on shredders, and I'm like, 'Get out of my face with that shit.'" He's not doing a character, he's just talking like himself. I'd like to hear more of that.

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  1. This was one of my favorite episodes. He is an artist! (And a very sweet person.)