Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disneyworld: It's a Small World

Jen and I are back from Disneyworld. It was pretty awesome. Here are some blurry iphone photos of the ride It's a Small World. Do you know this ride? It's insane. You ride on a tiny boat through model replicas of all the different countries in the world, and each of the countries is populated by hundreds of little robot dolls singing "It's a small world," over and over and over until you are ready to confess to crimes you never committed.

I would say It's a Small World is the Apocalypse Now of Disney park rides—since you literally travel up river into the mouth of madness and come out the other side muttering "the horror, the horror,"—but that distinction probably goes to Captain EO, since it was actually directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Although I guess Captain EO could be the Cotton Club of Disney park rides. But good.

IASW was built in 1971, presumably by hundreds of Okie outsider artists who were given unlimited glitter and corn liquor. Although the ride was "refurbished" in 2005, it doesn't seem like that involved replacing or updating any of the 1971 technology. The whole thing is still made from plywood and glitter, but it's SO MUCH plywood and glitter, and the art and design are legitimately awesome. It's a Small World was way better than a lot of the modern rides, some of which made us throw up. This ride only gave us seizures, and they were minor.

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